Screen recording on macOS without the flaws

P-Edge media has updated its WindowClerk Screen Recorder app with new enterprise features. Organisations with Mac fleets can now remotely configure the app to manage certain features and blacklist applications.

In an MDM environment, for example using JamfKandji or Apple Platform Deployment, WindowClerk Screen Recorder can be set up to meet company policies by implementing key-value pairs in the user defaults, also known as user preferences.

This way, screen recording and screenshotting may be available to users, for instance for support purposes, but limited to prevent unwanted data to be recorded.

Some features may be disabled, such as recording the entire screen or recording single windows.

An app blacklist can be set up which limits apps that can be recorded or screenshotted. Even when making a full-screen recording, blacklisted apps will no be visible in the resulting recording or screenshot.

Documentation can be found on this page.


P-Edge media creates apps for macOS and iOS with maximum privacy. WindowClerk Screen Recorder does not collect any data in any form, which makes it ideal for enterprise deployment.

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