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SevenBloks is free to play and free to win!

SevenBloks - block puzzle game

Addictive, exciting puzzle game that teases the brain.

One thousand years ago, the masters of this land transported their most sacred possession, the powerful 8-block, across seven worlds. On the last day, in the eighth world, the block was lost, nowhere to be found again. Can you find and retrieve the mythical 8-block from its long lost position?


• Clear blocks numbered 1 to 7 by creating rows and columns of certain sizes
• No clock, no stress, think about every move in your own time
• Make sequences to massively increase your score
• Use special attack blocks to get out of sticky situations
• Two game modes: Classic and Toughness
• Bonus levels that unlock a secret new game mode
• Game Center™ leaderboards and achievements
• Watch out! SevenBloks is addictive!
• MFi controllers supported
• NO intrusive advertising
• NO forced watching of videos
• NO pay-to-continue
• NO pay-for-upgrades
• NO pay-to-win

Like all other P-Edge media games, SevenBloks is made for you without intrusive advertising and without wanting to monetize everything you do. 

Ads are only shown at the bottom of the screen, and for a small fee you can get rid of them for ever!



How to play SevenBloks

A tutorial is available in the game, but here's a video on how to play SevenBloks: