Privacy policy

NO customer database

P-Edge media does not maintain a customer database. Websites and apps published by P-Edge media do not have access to or use your personal information.

NO personal information

P-Edge media does not collect or store personal data. If you use the contact form, your e-mail address will only be used to send a reply, after which it will be deleted.

NO analytics

Websites and apps published by P-Edge media do not use analytics or other systems to record your behaviour or the way you use them. Clicks, taps, keystrokes or other activities are not logged. You can disable Apple's own analytics systems; here you find instructions for iOS and macOS.

NO tracking cookies

Websites by P-Edge media only use functional cookies that are required to make the website work correctly. There are no cookies that track your behaviour or invade your privacy. Exceptions are cookies used for ads and push notifications; see the sections "Push notifications" and "Advertisements" below.

NO location data

Apps by P-Edge media that use your location will never store, share or transmit this location to other parties. Location data is not associated with any other personal or device data and is as imprecise as possible.

Push notifications

Apps and websites by P-Edge media that send push notifications use OneSignal.

OneSignal tracks your use of apps and websites. To avert this, see below "Disabling tracking".


Apps by P-Edge media that display ads use Google Mobile Ads.

Websites by P-Edge media that display ads use Google AdSense.

Google uses tracking to show personalised ads and track your use of these ads. To avert this, see below "Disabling tracking".

Disabling tracking

Tracking for push notifications and ads can be averted by enabling "Limit ad tracking" on your iPhone or iPads settings or enabling "Prevent cross-site tracking" on Safari on the Mac.

NO newsletters

P-Edge media does not send newsletters or other promotional messages.