Martin van Spanje

About me

Combining creativity with technology I focus on the end user. That what is technical, should be hidden; apps should be simple, intuitive and easy to understand.

Since about 2010 I have worked as an iOS and macOS developer. Before that I once started in corporate IT in both support and application-consultancy. Later I became a web-developer and I started making applications for macOS (previously Mac OS X). After the introduction of the iPhone I became a freelance iOS developer, and later co-founder and CTO of a startup in digital publishing on mobile devices, where I was a senior iOS developer and tech team lead.

I also worked freelance with many UX/UI designers and creative agencies to make pixel-perfect apps. As an employee I have been a senior iOS developer, scrum master and release manager.

I've had several top 10 hits in the Dutch App Store during the first years of the release of the iPhone in The Netherlands, and still have some apps in the Mac & iOS App Store, serving more than 100.000 users. I have a great interest in making apps with animation, audio, video and gamification.

Today I also have a YouTube channel "hotdog soup" (website / YouTube) about making games and other technical topics.

Lastly, I don't like apps in which advertisements ruin the app, which is why I publish The Dreadvertising Manifesto.



Martin van Spanje

Me in 2019.

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