Made with brainpower, not by AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not intelligent at all. It simply constructs content based on existing content that was made by real humans. AI does not grasp concepts, it does not convey ideas, it cannot think and it does not actually understand the prompts given to it.

Humans make content, write books and create art using their brains.

Currently, "AI" is a buzzword that companies like to use to appear modern, like "fuzzy logic", "dotcom", "next generation" or "big data" in the past, but it doesn't add any value to their product itself. Artificial Intelligence not only produces hallucinations, but outright low quality content.

AI systems often invade user privacy and use datasets that contain stolen or copyright-infringing data.

Using AI can ruin great products and diminish customers' trust and loyalty and make them switch to competitors.

The badge

No-AI-badge-dark.png No-AI-badge-light.png

I have created a badge that can be used to indicate that a product was made with brainpower, not by AI.

If you're a developer, writer, artist or creator and want to do the same, use these badges in your products. Together we can make the world better.

Download these and other badges for free on the download page.