Screen recording on macOS without the flaws

P-Edge media has released a new Mac app for creatives and content creators. WindowClerk Screen Recorder is a simple screen recorder that can do correctly what other screen recording apps do wrong, like:

  • correctly recording a window even while it is moved
  • recording the entire screen including system audio
  • recording a window with only the sound of that specific app
  • recording multiple windows simultaneously to separate video files

The app is very easy to use; simply select a screen or window to record, and press the "Start Recording" button. Select where to save the file and the recording starts.

Windows can be selected from a drop down box; there is no need to mark an area on the screen where the window is supposed to be grabbed from. When windows are moved or even partly off-screen, recording functions as normal.

With a checkbox, audio recording can be enabled or disabled. If enabled, system audio is automatically recorded  when capturing the entire screen, and app specific audio is recorded when capturing a single window.

Capturing multiple screens or windows is possible, simply by selecting "File -> New Window" even while already recording other things.


WindowClerk Screen Recorder is fully free to use for 5 minutes of recording. If longer screen captures are needed, a subscription is available for only €3.99 per year. ($2.99 / £2.99 or equivalent in other countries).


P-Edge media creates apps for macOS and iOS with maximum privacy. WindowClerk Screen Recorder does not collect any data in any form.

Download WindowClerk Screen Recorder for free in the Mac App Store™

Info: WindowClerk Screen Recorder

Mac App Store: WindowClerk Screen Recorder