A better pixelator for Mac

If you're looking for an alternative to Ronen Ness Pixelator app, which no longer supports macOS, you're in luck!

Pixel Ate Me is a new app by P-Edge media which converts any image into great pixel art to use as game assets, sprites or digital art.

Most pixelator apps, both browser based and app-based, only offer a setting to set the destined pixel block size. The size of the end result then depends on the input file. However, when creating game assets, a designated fixed image size is required and rescaling needs to be applied, which destroys the pixel size.

Pixel Ate Me turns this around: a canvas size is set and the pixelated result will never be any other size than that, no matter what image is put into it.

Download Pixel Ate Me for free in the Mac App Store™

Info: Pixel Ate Me

Mac App Store: Pixel Ate Me - pixelator