SevenBloks: How to complete bonus level 16 and get the 8 blok


In the last BONUS level of the Classic game you get the chance to complete SevenBloks. On this page you will find how to complete the last BONUS level, collect the 8 blok and complete the game.

Watch out! Spoilers ahead!



The mythical 8 blok

In the Classic game mode you will enter a special BONUS level every time you collect all of the B•O•N•U•S letters. Each time you complete one of the BONUS levels, you will never get to see it again. If you complete the last BONUS level, you have competed the game.

Upon completing SevenBloks, you will unlock a completely new game mode: 8 Bloks mode. This is the same game, but with 8 bloks instead of 7, on an 8x8 playing board instead of 7x7.

Also, you will unlock the 8-bomb special weapon, which is only available in 8 Bloks mode.

To unlock all these goodies, you need to complete the final BONUS level however.

Completing the final BONUS level in SevenBloks

The final BONUS level in SevenBloks will show the mythical 8 blok in the center of the screen, surrounded by other bloks. While playing you will notice that the 8 blok does not drop down if the bloks below it are removed. It floats in the air.

If you build a stack of bloks on either side of the 8 blok, you can hit it. But nothing seems to happen when hitting the 8 blok. Why won't it go away?

The answer is really easy: you have to hit it eight times. Forget about clearing out all the other bloks in the level, there is no need for that. Just build stacks next to the 8 blok, hit it eight times and the level is completed.

Once you know this, it is actually very easy to complete. You can then collect the rewards, unlock the new game mode and play more!

Getting rid of the BONUS levels in SevenBloks

After getting the 8 blok in the final BONUS level you have completed SevenBloks.

As an added surpise upon completing the game you will never ever have to play BONUS levels again. The 8 Bloks game mode does not have BONUS levels, and in the Classic game mode, the BONUS levels are gone too.

So if you want to get rid of the BONUS levels, simply complete all of them

Good luck!

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