Super Puzzle Krush 3



iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish




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Super Puzzle Krush 3 is free to play and win!

Super Puzzle Krush 3 - gem puzzle game

This irresistible, addictive gem puzzle game brings you action, strategic gem stacking and colour matching.

Unlike traditional colour matching games, in Super Puzzle Krush 3 you need special ignitor gems to trigger each colour matching attack. This enables you to make huge gem patterns before crushing them, increasing scores, earning more bonuses and special weapons.

You can't play just once. You just have to have one more go!


• Coming soon.
• One finger touch control.

• NO intrusive advertising
• NO forced watching of videos
• NO pay-to-continue
• NO pay-for-upgrades
• NO pay-to-win

Like all other P-Edge media games, Super Puzzle Krush 3 is made for you without intrusive advertising and without wanting to monetize everything you do. 

Ads are only shown at the bottom of the screen, and for a small fee you can get rid of them for ever!